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Bristl is a next generation electric toothbrush that will improve your oral health. Research has demonstrated its effect in reducing bacteria that cause gingivitis (and periodontitis) naturally and chemical-free and improving overall gum health.

Box Contents

  • 1 Bristl toothbrush (color: yellow)
  • 2 microfiber bristles
  • 3 feet long micro USB charging cable
  • 1 charging block with California level 6 certification


Dual Mode Phototherapy

  • Blue Light Mode: Validated by research to reduce bacteria and whiten teeth
  • Red Light Mode: Validated by research to reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen secretion and relieve pain
  • Dual Mode: Provides both benefits at the same time

Dual Speed Sonic Technology

  • Gentle mode (12,000 RPM)
  • Strong mode (24,000 RPM)

Soft Microfiber BristlesEffective but gentle on the gums