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"This toothbrush is truly unique. After only one week of use, my teeth have become lighter. Also, I no longer have gum bleeding and the inflammation went back.  The brush trained me well! The two-minutes timing for once cleaning are also very important and were rarely met by me before. There is also the fact that it is not noisy like other toothbrushes. The vibration is quiet and very pleasant.  The design also convinced me completely. It is elegant, handy, super light, easy to carry and the battery is incredibly durable. A great product that I can only recommend."




"I just left for a business trip for 4-5 days and left my iBright toothbrush at home, on purpose, for fear of losing it.  It is one of my most prized possessions.  In fact I hid it away; just in case there is a break-in….it was the only thing in my house I hid away.  You are probably going to laugh …but the first thing I did when I got back was to brush my teeth with it, and go ahhhh…now I can breathe.  There is such a huge difference between using it … or using a traditional brush (and I have had a good share of electric brushed in the past … a maxillofacial surgeon and has provided me with good ones.)  Nothing compares to yours – and your technology behind it.  In the 5 days that I was gone, my gums started again to swell here and there and bother me. I will be in Seoul October 7-22 and October 24-30.  If there is a way for me to get them while there, please let me know - I would be very thankful.  Hope you are well.  Thanks for inventing such a life-altering product!"




“The novel concept of healing while performing your very basic daily routine of oral hygiene sold me on iBright. My medically proven results exceeded every expectation I had. It is a truly unique and bright invention. If you care for your loved ones, this is the perfect way to show it – get them this toothbrush. They’ll thank you for the rest of their lives with a healthy and bright smile.”

"Beauty and effectiveness in one! I have been using my iBright toothbrush for the past month, and in that time I have been impressed with how quickly it stopped the inflammation in my gums. After only a few uses much of the tenderness subsided and the bleeding stopped. This is in addition to how clean my teeth feel after each use. Over the years I have used a range of oral hygiene products, but this one by far has given me the peace of mind that I am taking the utmost care with the health of my teeth. And the ergonomic design is so sleek and modern, I look forward to using my iBright every day!" Carola Bartha, USA