Enter the New Era of Oral Healthcare

Revolutionize your Daily Oral Care with Red and Blue Light Effect


Stay Young

Near Infrared Red Light Effect


Light. Health.

Oral health has never been this easy


Stay Clean

Near UV Blue Light Effect


Let there be light

It's more than an electric toothbrush


Introducing Bristl

The Only Clinically Validated Dual Light Therapy Electric Toothbrush

Bristl 21, Double Wavelength Light Therapy Rechargeable Sonic Electric Toothbrush
  • Red Light Therapy

    Near 635 nm Red light reduces symptoms of gingivitis, promotes healing, enhances collagen synthesis, and relieves pain

  • Near-UV Light Therapy

    Near 410 nm wavelength light safely kills oral bacteria and removes plaque that would otherwise be pushed around your mouth

  • Deep Clean

    Reach, sweep off every high and low with sonic vibration and multi layered soft antibacterial microfiber bristle

  • Convenient

    Enjoy the Freedom of  0.1 lb and Quick & Travel Friendly USB charging 


"The novel concept of healing while performing your very basic daily routine of oral hygiene sold me on Bristl. I've been using this toothbrush now for 3 years and have not had the need of a cleaning since, and have no gum bleeding at all.. My medically proven results exceeded every expectation I had."

"Beauty and effectiveness in one! I have been using my Bristl for the past months, and in that time I have been impressed with how quickly it stopped the inflammation in my gums. And the ergonomic design is so sleek and modern!

"This toothbrush is truly unique. After only one week of use, I no longer have gum bleeding, and the inflammation went back. It is elegant, handy, super light, easy to carry and the battery is incredibly durable. A great product that I can only recommend."

"Received mine with extra heads I ordered. My last teeth cleaning, the best report I have had in 15 years. Usually they are scraping off plaque and yelling at me to do better. This item works! My wife has horrible TMJ and very sensitive teeth/gums, she has used this for 3 months and loves it"

"I just want to say how much I truly LOVE this product! Everyday I feel like I just left the dentist after a "cleaning visit" After 1 week of use, my gums feel better, my teeth feel like there is no plaque build up. They also feel smoother hours later (after eating) and I attribute this to daily use!"

"This is an amazing product. I have used the Phillips Sonic Care for years. In fact they were a client of mine. This product gives your teeth and gums an invigorating feeling. They feel and look very clean. My wife wants one. I am going to order her one."

Get enlightened.

Your daily routine won't change a bit. Click below to start brushing with Bristl.

Woman using Bristl toothbrush

Bristl is the 1st clinically validated Red & Near-UV multi wavelength phototherapy toothbrush

Sonic Vibration

Choose between strong and gentle sonic vibration whichever feels best for you.

Two Minute Timer

Bristl's two minute timer ensures you brush for the right amount of time, every time.

Li-ion Battery

On a single charge, the battery runs three weeks, assuming you brush thrice a day.

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