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Introducing Bristl

The Only Clinically Validated Dual Light Therapy Oral Healthcare Device

Bristl Phototherapy Electric Toothbrush
  • Near Infrared Light Effect

    Near Infrared Red Light reduces gingival inflammation, promotes healing, enhances collagen synthesis, and relieves dentin hypersensitivity

  • Near UV Light Effect

    The Near UV Blue Light safely kills bacteria that would otherwise be pushed around your mouth

  • Whiter Teeth

    Your normal toothbrushing routine whitens teeth day by day with sonic vibration and multi layered microfiber bristle

  • Convenient

    Quick and Travel Friendly USB charging. 
    Use Bristl with Bristle when Brushing or without Bristle for Direct Light Irradiation


"The novel concept of healing while performing your very basic daily routine of oral hygiene sold me on Bristl. My medically proven results exceeded every expectation I had."

"Over the years I have used a range of oral hygiene products, but this one by far has given me the peace of mind that I am taking the utmost care with the health of my teeth"

"After only one week of use, my teeth have become lighter. Also, I no longer have gum bleeding and the inflammation went back. A great product that I can only recommend."

Get enlightened.

Your daily routine won't change a bit. Click below to start brushing with Bristl.

Sonic Vibration

Choose between regular and gentle sonic vibration– whichever feels best for you.

Two Minute Timer

Bristl's two minute timer ensures you brush for the right amount of time, every time.

Rechargeable Battery

On a single charge, the battery lasts 3 weeks (assuming you brush 3 times per day).

Healthier Teeth for Our Children

We are committed to working with the nation's leading non-profit organizations to bring dental care to the underserved children around the country. 

We donate a percentage of the sales of every toothbrush to give these underserved children a fair shot at experiencing a lifetime of overall health and wellness. 

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